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Remote Cloud Architect - Build & Learn in the Financial Industry at Scratch Financial Inc.

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About this job

Job type: Full-time
Experience level: Mid-Level, Senior, Lead
Role: DevOps, System Administrator
Industry: Financial Services, Financial Technology
Company size: 51–200 people
Company type: VC Funded

Remote details

Preferred Timezone: (GMT+00:00) Lisbon +/- 4 hours


kubernetes, google-cloud-platform, automation, architecture, continuous-delivery, sysadmin

Job description

What we're building

Scratchpay provides pet parents with simple friendly payment plans. We help pet parents to provide the care their pets need, easing the financial barrier. We are growing fast in the veterinary space and Veterinarian, Pet owners and pets across the US and Canada love us! Come help us help more pets!

About the position

This position is about helping to build Scratchpay's Cloud Infrastructure. It is about providing pet parents and clinics with the payment solution they need and working really hard in the background to protect their data, without them even worrying about it. It's about giving the business what it needs to grow safely, smoothly, and with as little surprises as possible when it comes to data and cybersecurity.

It's also about working with the engineering, security, data and operational teams to research, design, implement, deploy and maintain the best tools and practices there are to achieve our goal and mission and educate all teams to make the best of it.

This is about pushing the edge of what has been done in Finance and Lending to build a scalable platform that can serve all-the-pets, however many (but the more the merrier). This is about working with a brilliant team that's been growing from 0 to 1 in ~3 years and that is helping pets in all states in the US and most provinces in Canada.

This job is for you if you recognize yourself in this:

  • I am a good mind
  • I can think for myself
  • I am critical of myself and others
  • I am always respectful
  • I ask questions when needed
  • I can understand the boundaries but have a lot of fun within them
  • I take my work seriously and never let people down
  • I work hard because I want to deliver the best that I can
  • I always observe and reflect on how to do better tomorrow
  • I like animals
  • I want everyone to be and feel safe

About you

Ideal Location: Europe (Portugal / Mid/Eastern Europe)

Ideal Experience: 8+ years

Ideal Background: You have ideally worked in a highly scalable environment, a modern Financial institution is preferred, or a cloud-first, customer and cyber-security centric venture.


  • Extensive experience in Cloud architecture and Cloud design across multiple cloud platforms in a large scale environment;
  • Cloud and automation engineering experience in a mission-critical environment;
  • Ability to design, implement and document architectures and solutions using a mix of IaaS / PaaS / SaaS, DevOps and with a strong focus on automation, internal compliance, monitoring, documentation and cyber-security;
  • Strong experience and understanding of GCP and automation within GCP;
  • Must be able to design serverless architecture and create automated deployments across the CI/CD stack;
  • Deep technical knowledge in Ansible or other automation tools such as Terraform;
  • Proficient in Bash one or more scripting languages such as Python, NodeJS, Golang;
  • Strong skills and experience through the CI/CD stack with infrastructure elements such as Kubernetes;
  • Experience with Web Services (RESTful, REST, APIs, API Gateways);
  • A strong knowledge and understanding of data migration practices and technologies;
  • A strong understanding of NoSQL, RDBMS, Graph DB, KV and column store

You will:

  • Work with teams to collaboratively design, implement, ensure compliance on and deploy services and infrastructure changes for Scratch teams
  • Maintain, scale and deploy new Kubernetes clusters as needed by the infrastructure
  • Support the Data team in building, deploying, maintaining, monitoring and securing data warehouses and data pipelines using things such as Google Dataflow, Apache Airflow, Kubernetes Jobs or 3rd selected party tools
  • Perform regular maintenance and security audits following internal calendar of patch management, service updates, infrastructure configuration review
  • Write scripts to build automations and tools to build and improve the infrastructure and make it more scalable and compliant
  • Build and maintain the documentation and SOPs in collaboration with the Cyber Security team so we can always validate internal compliance against them
  • Work with the Cyber Security team (purple) to audit, monitor and ensure that the infrastructure is compliant with all internal policies and help the red team confirm it via a systematic penetration testing
  • Review the findings with the Cyber Security team and immediately escalate items that require attention to the Security Committee to collaborate on an immediate resolution plan 
  • Maintain, test and develop Scratch' disaster recovery and data loss prevention plans in collaboration with other teams
  • Support the Engineering team in designing the best solutions to support Scratch growth and evolution of design patterns used at Scratch by providing the supporting infrastructure and options to get the work done with optimal operational efficiency and highest security

How to know if you are a good fit?

Ideal Competencies


  • + = desirable
  • ++ = strongly desirable
  • ! = required
  • !! = strongly required


  • Operational Strength
    • Accuracy (!!)
    • Devotion to quality (!!)
    • Planning (!)
    • Presenting (+)
  • Interpersonal Strength
    • Adaptability (!)
    • Cooperation (!!)
    • Creating Support (++)
    • Listening Skills (+)
    • Providing Feedback (!)
    • Social Skills (+)
  • Personal Strength
    • Assertiveness (++)
    • Drive (!)
    • Flexibility (!)
    • Initiative (!!)
    • Integrity (!!)
    • Personal Development (!)
    • Willingness to change (!)
  • Conceptual Strength
    • Analyzing and forming opinions (!!)
    • Helicopter View (!)
    • Innovating (++)
    • Situational Awareness (!)
    • Strategic Insight (++)

In other words, you will have to:

  • Have empathy;
  • Understand the position of others. It is critical to navigate through communication, mitigation and culture
  • Be independent;
  • Know when to raise a point or ask for clarification or escalate a potential issue
  • Communicate with respect but assertiveness;
  • Speak your mind and expect others to. Engage in respectful and mindful conflict. Quality > quantity;
  • Know your stuff and know what you don't know;
  • Understand that no one is perfect but everyone can learn if they chose so. Be humble enough to know your weaknesses. Be open-minded and hard-working enough to be able to fix them;
  • Take constructive criticism;
  • Ask yourself "how to know if I'm wrong?". You may not, but not challenging your thinking is unhealthy. We challenge each others a lot @Scratchpay;

Our culture

We care about the human aspect of work and we expect others to. Excellence is also an important keyword @ Scratchpay. While everyone makes mistakes, we learn from them. We are conscious about efficiency and effectiveness in a positive way. We don't do things that bring low-to-no value short or long term. We also do hard things that bring a lot of value. Quality, attention to detail and respect are some of the traits you must have and expect others to have.

The good

  • We are a team of dedicated, hard-working, friendly individuals
  • We move fast, sometimes break things with measure, we give a second chance
  • We give constructive feedback, we challenge each other
  • We are open-minded and we care for each other
  • Everyone is striving towards excellence. Mediocrity isn't our cup of tea. But we always work hard to help those that are willing to get there!

The bad

  • Everything goes fast and the ultimate goal is to move the business fast. There can be disconnects in communication at times. We all need to navigate through this and push whenever it is critical to do so.
  • We are open-minded but things need to be moving forward.
  • We say what we have to. So expect to hear some unpleasant - but true - things sometimes. Don't hesitate to argue back - with respect - if you disagree.
  • Like any startup, It can be a mess some days. You also will likely have to do things that aren't in your scope sometimes. Part of the fun, right? ;)

The most important thing is: We are always looking at improving. All the time, step by step. If you feel mediocre and don't see a path to improvement or can't listen to others' voices to, please do not apply.