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Mid-Level Backend Data Engineer at Universal Tennis

🕑 Posted 72 days ago
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About this job

Job type: Full-time

Remote details

Office Location: Orlando, FL. Employees can also work full time from this office.


database, azure, python, c#, .net

Job description

Universal Tennis is the company behind UTR, a revolutionary rating system that (similar to a golf handicap) provides a single, unifying language and standard for all tennis players across age, gender, geography and economics. The company’s vision is to unify tennis for everyone by bringing cutting edge analytics and community building technology to all players worldwide independent of level. Today, the UTR system is powered by over 6 million match results, across 600 thousand players in nearly 200 countries. See our company profile for links to our recent press releases and on-air daily coverage with the Tennis Channel.

Universal Tennis is building innovative, cutting-edge technology products and services to help empower and enhance every part of the tennis ecosystem (players, coaches, clubs, organizers, federations, etc.). Here are some of the exciting initiatives on our product roadmap:

  • Expanding UTR to millions of competitive and recreational players around the globe
  • Collecting match results from hundreds of different sources with different data formats
  • Enabling any player or organization to post match results and track their performance
  • Developing marketplace applications to search, find and connect with players, coaches, and events
  • Building an event and tournament management platform for clubs and organizers

The UTR development team is led by folks who have leveraged their backgrounds in computer science, math and engineering to build and scale multiple technology companies. We strongly believe that empowered people are the key to building a great company, and our development process focuses on iteratively improving our product as well as ourselves as individuals and as a team. We are looking to add a skilled, experienced engineer who can be a core member of our team and work on every part of the stack to accelerate product development. So if you share our ambition and want to help shape the technology that will make it happen, then join our team!


The Company is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA but this position is for our satellite office in Orlando, which is led by our VP of Engineering. We are offering a competitive salary and equity compensation package with flexible working hours and vacation days, telecommuting, medical and dental, and a bunch of that other fun stuff that you’d expect from a tech start-up.

Skills & requirements

Technical Requirements

  • 3+ years of backend/server web development
  • Experience with .NET Core and C# preferred
  • Experience with API development and REST and JSON
  • Experience with cloud based application platforms (AWS, Azure)
  • Experience with Python (numpy, pandas) a plus
  • Experience with data scraping, cleaning, and ETL processes preferred
  • Strong knowledge of Relational Databases (SQL Server and/or MySQL)
  • Experience with ORM Framework such as Dapper or Entity Framework
  • Experience with with asynchronous queues and/or publish/subscribe systems (ex: RabbitMQ, Azure Service Bus) preferred
  • Knowledgeable about sound engineering practices like continuous delivery, automated testing, (micro)services-based architecture, etc.
  • Experience with Scrum, Kanban and other agile methodologies
  • Experience with unit testing frameworks and understanding of unit testing fundamentals
  • Familiarity with ElasticSearch is a plus
  • Experience with Redis, cloud object storage, serverless functions, and containers a plus
  • Experience with Git and Pull-Requests

Additional Requirements

  • Degree in Computer Science or related field desired
  • Desire and excitement for working on small teams with startup DNA
  • Ability to work both collaboratively as part of a team and independently to dive deep and solve tough problems
  • Propensity to seek out, accept and integrate feedback professionally
  • Self-motivated, quick/continuous learner with a passion for innovation
  • Tennis player/fan is a plus